The Black Panther Formula

In the first step, we’re going to create a killer photo lineup together, using my proven Black Panther Formula:

1. I’ll take a critical look at your profile and explain everything to you that’s flawed with it.

2. You’ll tell me a bit about you as a person and I’ll go through all the pictures you have available.⁣

3. Considering what you told me before, I’ll carefully select the pictures that authentically present the best version of yourself.⁣ 

Most guys have at least 1-2 pictures that can be used, but rarely more.⁣

4. I’ll teach you about posing, angles, facial expressions and body language.

On top of that I’ll explain to you exactly what kind of pictures you need, what to wear in them, which nuances to pay attention to and which locations to use for the photos.

Afterwards I’ll provide perfect examples from myself and my students to model after, that you could basically copy.

In case we use a photographer that I haven’t trained, we will also give those to him so he’s perfectly aware of what we want.

5. For the remaining pictures you’ll book a photoshoot with one of my online dating photographers that have been trained in sub communications, expressions and vibes.

They’re fully aware of what women find attractive on Dating apps, will help you to relax and bring out the best version of yourself in front of the camera.

However, if I don’t have one in your specific area and you’re not able to travel either, I’ll help you find a photographer that’s suited for our needs and brief him before your shoot.

90% of professional photographers suck at taking pictures for Online Dating, but don’t worry because I’m going to ensure that yours will be amazing.

6. After the photoshoot, I’ll take a detailed look at all the photos and pick the absolute best ones.

7. We’re going to discuss if there are any special wishes you have when it comes to your pictures.⁣⁣

8. I’ll retouch your pictures and make sure they’re flawless and make women think “Woow, who’s this guy? I NEED to meet him!“, without having to waste valuable time trying to do so yourself.⁣⁣

9. Lastly, I’ll send you the photos and give you the perfect order, so that women gradually become more attracted with every picture they see.