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Superhero Transformation

The Dating Superhero Transformation is the most transformative Online Dating program in the world.

After you’ve gone through it, you will always know how to attract and date your exact type of woman.

It’s highly personalized, delivers outstanding results and consists of several lessons taught in 1-on-1 coaching calls:

Emblem Your Success

I’m so confident I can get you the results you want, that I am giving you my 60-day, success guarantee.

The Black
Panther Formula

Discover how to build an attractive, high value profile that attracts only the hottest women.

The Celebrity

Develop the right mindset needed to become successful with the women you desire in your life.

Breathtaking conversations

Understand how to text in an honest and authentic way, without using copy paste messages.


Learn how to have amazing and fun first dates that end in sleepovers at your or her place.

Become a
Fashion God

Receive fashion advice tailored to your individual skin type, personality and physique.

The Superhero

Join the weekly calls and get feedback on your textgame, dates and most importantly: your mindset.

SuperheroES TRIBE

Gain lifetime access to a tribe of superheroes and be guided through your online dating journey.

Unique real first date experience

Experience a virtual date with our female coach Lilli and receive valuable feedback from her.

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Who's behind the "Black Panther Formula"

Sandric Tchouaffé is the founder of the Dating Superhero Transformation Program and an expert in everything related to Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & Co.

He has been studying the ways of Online Dating for almost 10 years and transformed the dating lives of countless men.

Before becoming a coach he inspired people on his Instagram profile with more than 25.000 followers, worked as a model and shared style advice.

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