Reach full abundance in your dating life and never worry about dates sex women ever again.

Superhero Transformation

The Dating Superhero Transformation is the most fun, effective and complete program that has ever been created. After finishing our Dating Superhero Transformation, you’ll always know how to attract and date your type of woman (physically and personality wise) while creating win-win situations for the both of you.⁣ It consists of various pieces that are all important and complete the entire puzzle in the end:


Create an attractive high value profile that will only attract the hottest women on dating apps.


Learn how to develop the magnetic Mindset that attractive men who are good with women embody.


Understand how to text in an honest and authentic way, without using copy paste messages.


Develop the right Dating Habits in 1on1 and weekly Superhero tribe coaching calls with us.

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Who's behind the "Black Panther Formula".

Sandric Tchouaffé is the founder of the Dating Superhero Transformation Program and an expert in everything related to Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & Co.

He has been studying the ways of Online Dating for almost 10 years and transformed the dating lives of countless men.

Before becoming a coach he inspired people on his Instagram profile with more than 25.000 followers, worked as a model and shared style advice.

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