If you implement everything we teach you in the “Dating Superhero Transformation“ and don’t get at least 10 dates with your exact type of woman in the next 60 days

I’ll coach you for free until you do.

And I mean dates with your exact type, gorgeous women whom you’ve been hoping to match with ever since you joined online dating ​

I know that this is 2024, so you probably have TikTok, Netflix, and 25+ other sites open…

Let me get to the point right away.

I would like to have your undivided attention for 2 short minutes because I believe that the next couple of lines can truly change your life.

(And don’t worry, there will be no offer at the end through which I will try to sell you some “pick-up” course.)

So you are here because you either came from an ad, read one of my articles, or heard about Dating Superhero Transformation in any other way.

Either way, you are most probably an action-taker who wants to change his dating life, but has not been able to take it to the exact level where he wants to see it yet.

In case you want to…

  • Get 3+ Dates Per Week With Your Exact Type Of Woman
  • Have Abundance Of Women To Go Out With And Obtain Full Control Over Your Dating Life
  • Beat Overthinking For Good And Know What Exactly To Text And Say To Even The Most Attractive Women You Match And Go On A Date With

Then you came to the best place.

We devote as much time as possible to each of our students, therefore, we only have a handful of coaching spots open.

Emblem Your Success

If you implement everything we teach you in the “Dating Superhero Transformation“ and don’t get at least 10 dates with your exact type of woman in the next 60 days… I’ll coach you for free until you do.

My Personal Story

As for me, let me properly introduce myself:

My name is Sandric Tchouaffé, people often call me an “online dating coach”.

And while that is true, I prefer to refer to myself as the guy who takes your dating life by the hand and puts it down at the place where you have complete abundance with women.

Over the last few years, I helped hundreds of men to go from mediocre or even worse results to real superheroes in dating.

You know what I mean 😉

From being alone, miserable, frustrated, and desperate…

To waking up naked next to women you’ve just met…

Women who are exactly your type, with a gorgeous body, feminine personality, caring vibe…

You might be wondering how I know all this…

To be frank, I went through hell until I got to the point where I was having the dating life most men only dream about…

Now, you may be curious about how I got there?

Well, I got into the world of “pick-up” at 21.

I spent thousands of dollars and years of my life on programs, mentors, clubbing, dates, etc.

I was obsessed with the whole thing.

8 years ago, in Budapest, I went out for 20 days in a row – even though my contact lenses nearly blinded me and women thought I was high on drugs.

Every day, I had to fight racial prejudices that had nothing to do with me as a person but everything with my skin color.

And in addition to all this, I hated the “fakeness” of the pick-up world…

This led me to develop my own style, relying on honesty and authenticity which finally got me amazing results.

Being honest gave a 180° turn to my dating life…

I want to highlight this for you because honesty and authenticity are emphasized so rarely in dating.

No matter how good-looking, rich, famous, or charming you are, if you aren’t honest with the women you date…

And if you don’t give them so much value that they literally need to brag about you to their girlfriends…

Then you will have a much harder time getting the dating life you desire.

But even though I started focusing on honesty & authenticity, I got to abundance with women in an unnecessarily long and hard way, which I do not wish for anyone…

I don’t want any other man to experience all the hardships that I went through…

Today, with the help of dating apps, there is a much simpler way to meet the exact type of women that you’re into.

This is why I created my company, started Dating Superhero Transformation, and have helped hundreds of men to fix probably the most important thing in their life.

There are certain truths that I learned all along the way…

Truths that I have only shared with my students and my best friends so far…

But in 2024, I want to make an even bigger impact than before.

So if you would like to hear more about what I learned throughout the journey…

And receive the last online dating blueprint that you’ll ever need…

Fill out this 2 minutes long quiz and I’ll look forward to meeting you in person…

– Sandric


Unfortunately, we cannot work with everyone - we are superheroes in terms of dating, but cannot alter time like Dr. Strange. Therefore, if you’d like to work with us, book a slot now, and see if it’s a fit.

I know that this may sound too good to be true, so let me tell you the stories of 3 men and show you how this is possible:

1. Kevin, The African-American Dark Souls Gamer From The US

Kevin is living in a small town in Wisconsin.

(Wisconsin is the US State that is described as “the worst place to meet women” in the director’s cut of the movie Love Actually – just saying)

Citing Kevin’s own words, he was not 6 feet, good-looking, rich, and he did not even have a lot of hair…

He thought he was destined for mediocre results at best in online dating.

When he came to me, he was drained by going in circles for years.

First, I brushed up his profile and helped him to convey his lifestyle attractively…

(And I mean conveying it 100% authentically, by highlighting his natural strengths – something that all men have)

His Tinder profile looked like this after that:

Don’t get me wrong, Kevin put in the work.

And we gave him a bit of coaching on texting, talking with women, mindset, and other areas related to dating too.

But right now, online dating is not a time-waster but FUN for him.


Kevin Yancey

“Sandric has really broken the gateway for me with online dating… He not only brushed up my photos a bit, but showed me how to convey my life in a way that’s a cool lifestyle.”

My Story

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2. Gil, Who Did “Everything Right” But Was Still Single & Lonely

Gil was shy, and even though he got the right looks, he had the issue most men are facing in online dating…

He did not know how to portray the best version of himself and match with the women whom he actually found attractive.

Because of this, he tried to fake being “the alpha” or “James Bond” – something that women cannot stand.

Also, if once in a blue moon he matched with an attractive woman, the conversation died. He did not even get to see her in real life.

I retouched Gil’s pictures, and I and my team coached him on mindset, texting, what to do on the dates, etc.

I just want to give you a hint on what his Tinder looks like right now:

My Story

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Gil Alves

“My profile was completely redone by Sandric and my results skyrocketed in terms of matches, likes, and the way women started conversations with me… Even though I was living in a small city.”

3. Steven, The Always-Friend-Zoned Asian Guy Who Found His Dream Woman

Steven came to me in the middle of the pandemic, when he had no other options than online dating to meet women

His dating life suffered because of a mistake many guys make…

He was always logical and couldn’t tap into his emotional side.

This came across on his Tinder profile too, where he put out pictures that did not show the attractive side of his personality.

Of course, he was not matching with the women he was attracted to.

When he got on a date every once in a while, it didn’t go anywhere.

After we retouched his pictures, he got into conversations again with new momentum.

After 2 weeks, he was getting dates consistently.

In a month, he had his first week where he went on a date every single day of the week.

Today, Steven is in a long-term relationship with the woman of his dreams.

He tried out many different things in dating until he found the perfect match for him.

My Story

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Steven Quintanilla

„For several years, I probably had like 2 dates and those ended up going nowhere. I was struggling to get matches, now I feel like I can go on Tinder and pick and choose who I want to go out with.“

This is what I think every man should get in their life…

I mean would you settle for anything less than what you desire in such an important area as your dating life?

To tell the truth, settling so is one of my biggest nightmares…

But either way, I hope you could learn something valuable in the last 2 minutes.

And if you’re still here and would like to learn more about how you could easily see these results in your own dating life too, I have an idea for you:

Right below, you can find a quick quiz that takes less than 60 seconds to fill out.

If you’re interested in meeting me personally and discussing how you could achieve the same results as the guys above in your dating life…

Pick a no-strings-attached Online Dating Audit with me.

All we’ll do on the chat is fly over your dating life and Tinder/Bumble profile, and see how you could actually get to abundance with women.

If I think I could help you in the long run, I will let you know, and you can let me know if you want to hear a bit more about it…

But I will make sure that no matter what, you will walk away with at least a couple new ideas.

(You have my HUGE, Mount Everest-sized no “hard-selling” guarantee)

So if you’re interested, fill out the quiz below and I can’t wait to meet you. If you would like to learn more about superhero stories like Kevin’s, Gil’s, and Steven’s, check out all of them in the collection here.

Dating is unlike Thor’s Mjølnir. Not everyone can lift the latter, but every man can get good at the first as long as he has the right intention. So if you’d like to see if Dating Superhero Transformation is for you, hit this button and schedule your Free Dating Profile Audit.


Apply For A Free Dating Profile Analysis

This will help me to prepare for our call and give you a profile analysis that will truly give you clarity on what’s missing from taking your dating life to the next level, so that we can brainstorm the best ideas when we’ll meet.

We have an entire page full of stories about men who were at a similar place like you and who are now having the dating life that they’ve always dreamed of. I really encourage you to read them, as they will not only motivate you but also give you some new ideas that you can implement in your dating life.

3. Get Your Free dating Profile Audit

We will analyze your dating profile and your experiences with women on this no-strings-attached call. Also, I’ll make sure that you walk away with a couple of ideas on how to take things to the next level in your dating life. Again, you have my big bold no-pitch guarantee.

Above everything, we here at Dating Superhero Transformation stand for authenticity. Because of this, we devote our full attention to all of our students and cannot work with everyone, just as not everyone can be let in to Wakanda.

Dating Superhero Transformation will get you the dating life that you’ve always dreamed of…

Let it be having multiple casual relationships with women, or being in a serious relationship with the woman of your dreams.⁣..

And don’t worry, I won’t just cram your head with “pick-up” techniques that last worked in the 90s.

Dating Superhero Transformation is about portraying your best version authentically. ⁣

⁣Every woman you’re going to talk to will love you for who you are, without using any pickup techniques or weird tricks.⁣

We’ll teach you how to achieve abundance with women from online dating apps.

Why online dating? It’s faster than any other form of dating and gives you full control over the dating process.

It also allows you to talk to multiple women simultaneously from the comfort of your home.

The Transformation takes place over 12 weeks through which we will help you to:

⚡ Develop the mindset that will make the most jaw-dropping women naturally attracted to you

⚡ Realize your own value and how to let it come across in online dating.

⚡ Understand the psychology of what triggers attraction in a picture and bio.

⚡ Build an attractive, high-value profile that attracts exactly your type of woman.

⚡ Embody the secrets that will put you among the top 10% of men on dating apps.

⚡ Learn how to text women in the right way, while being honest and authentic.

⚡ Use our successful dates structure with the focus on home dates to save you valuable time.

⚡ Improve your dates with the unique first date experience.

⚡ Dress according to your skin type, ethnicity, and physique, maximizing your appearance even if you generally would not consider yourself outstandingly attractive.

And just a taste of how we will put this into practice…

When you join Dating Superhero Transformation, you’ll gain access to:

⚡ Our private group with like-minded Dating Superheroes who will support you through this journey.

⚡ Our weekly Superhero group calls, where Kevin and I answer every single question that comes up.

⚡ The Texting Immersion Telegram Group, where we tell our students what specifically to text to get women out on a date. (Until they can confidently ask their matches out on their own.)

Sounds good? Let’s jump ahead.

The Dating Superhero Transformation consists of 3 steps and a few additional bonuses:

1. Step – The Black Panther Formula

In the first step, we’re going to create a killer photo line-up together, using my proven Black Panther Formula:⁣

1. I’ll take a critical look at your profile and explain everything to you that’s flawed with it.⁣

2. You’ll tell me a bit about yourself as a person and I’ll go through all the pictures you have available.⁣⁣

3. Considering what you told me before, I’ll carefully select the pictures that authentically present the best version of yourself.⁣⁣

Most guys have at least 1 to 2 pictures that can be used, but rarely more.⁣

4. I’ll teach you about posing, angles, facial expressions, and body language.⁣

On top of that, I’ll explain to you exactly what kind of pictures you need, what to wear in them, which nuances to pay attention to, and which locations to use for the photos.⁣

Afterward, I’ll provide perfect examples from myself and my students to model after, that you could basically copy.⁣

In case we use a photographer that I haven’t trained, we will also give those to him so he’s perfectly aware of what we want.⁣

5. For the remaining pictures you’ll book a photoshoot with one of my online dating photographers who have been trained in sub-communications, expressions, and vibes.⁣

They are fully aware of what women find attractive on Dating apps, which will help you to relax and bring out the best version of yourself in front of the camera.⁣

However, if I don’t have one in your specific area and you’re not able to travel either, I’ll find you a photographer who’s suited to your needs and brief him before your shoot.⁣

6. After the photoshoot, I’ll take a detailed look at all the photos and pick the absolute best ones.⁣

7. We’re going to discuss any special wishes you have when it comes to your pictures.⁣⁣⁣

8. I’ll retouch your pictures in a way so that they will make women think “Woow, who’s this guy? I NEED to meet him!“.

(Thanks to this, you won’t have to waste a single minute by trying to do the tedious retouching yourself.)

9. Lastly, I’ll send you the photos and give you the perfect order, so that women gradually become more and more attracted with every picture they see.⁣

2. Step – The Superhero Profile​

The second step is all about optimizing everything else a profile has to offer so that women HAVE to reach out to you.⁣

This step includes:

👑 An In-depth guide on how to properly reset your profile so you can start with a clean slate, regardless of the mistakes you made in the past.⁣⁣

⁣Dating apps, especially Tinder have been going crazy on recognizing people lately and there are tons of things to pay attention to when resetting.⁣

👑 Together we will create a personal Tinder bio for you that makes women extremely attracted.

(This is based on authentic psychological principles and curiosity triggers, not on “pick-up strategies. ⁣Most of my students received tons of messages and compliments on their bio from their matches. ”). ⁣⁣

👑 Three of my own bios that landed me gorgeous dates over the years.⁣

There is a bio for every personality type.⁣

👑 One top-secret Hinge & Bumble Prompt that attracts only the most beautiful women and makes them want to message you first.⁣

This prompt can also be used on Tinder and will make it easy to set up the date afterward.⁣

👑 How you can use the job description and song functions to stand out from the competition, skyrocket a woman’s curiosity, and ensure that she’ll deeply want to get to know you.⁣

3. Step – Charm her like Tony Stark​

In this last but very important step, you’re going to get personal 1-on-1 coaching in the areas of mindset, texting, style, and behavior on dates. ⁣

This will ensure that you won’t only match with gorgeous women but they will also go on very successful dates with you if there’s chemistry between you and them.⁣

Still, the focus will be on straight-to-home dates to save you the most valuable thing we possess: time.⁣

You’re going to be taught everything you need to know when it comes to Online Dating and beyond.⁣

It’s structured in a way so you can make the best progress in the shortest amount of time and includes exercises that help you internalize the information quickly and much better.⁣

Now, if you’d like to dig even deeper into everything you’ll learn, here you go:

Lesson 1 – The Celebrity Mindset​

🔥 Develop the right Mindset needed to become successful with women.⁣

🔥 Learn the difference between a scarcity and abundance mindset.⁣

🔥 Understand a woman’s psychological triggers and create win-win situations for both of you.⁣

🔥 How to embrace pain and failure and use it to your advantage.⁣

🔥 What are frames and which one to use depending on the situation at hand.⁣

🔥 How to deal with setbacks, uncertainty, and anxiety to always come out stronger.⁣

🔥 How to get rid of performance anxiety in bed forever. ⁣

🔥 How to master and control your emotions in challenging situations.⁣

🔥 How to detect and stop self-sabotaging.⁣

Lesson 2 – Breathtaking Conversations​

🔥 Become a master at texting women, all while being honest, authentic and yourself.⁣

🔥 How to come up with your own individual openers that make her excited to start talking to you.⁣

🔥 Our proven formula to create unique openers, even when her profile is boring AF.⁣

🔥 A video breakdown of Kevin applying our opener formula LIVE on woman-after-woman, getting over 85% response rates. ⁣

🔥 A complete walkthrough of several successful conversations from opening to close.⁣

Explaining the thought process behind every single message with real screenshots from different dating apps.⁣

🔥 Learning exercises to get a deep understanding of what’s important in a great message and how to come up with amazing replies on your own. ⁣

🔥 How to identify which women are available and never be stuck with time wasters or flakes again.⁣

🔥 How to create a fun and flirty vibe with any conversation⁣

🔥 How to spot the perfect moment to get her number.⁣

🔥 Why you should stop asking for her number and what to do instead.⁣

🔥 Multiple messages to regain her attention at any time.⁣

🔥 How to always keep women replying and never worry about being ghosted again.⁣

🔥 How to handle shit tests and flip them so women become even more attracted to you.⁣

🔥 How to deal with a woman’s objections and show her that you fully understand her.⁣

🔥 Discover what sexualizing is about (it’s NOT about turning her on!)⁣

🔥 How to sexualize a conversation in every possible scenario.⁣

🔥 What to do to get women chasing you like crazy before you even meet.⁣

🔥 How to keep conversations alive when a woman acts rude or “too cool“ to talk to you. ⁣

If you behave like this, she’ll lower her defenses and show you a side of herself that most men on Online Dating apps will never see.⁣

🔥 The Dating Superhero system⁣

A revolutionary system where for every line there are usually 2-3 possible replies women give and we have perfect lines for each one of those replies.⁣

This pattern continues until the date has been scheduled.⁣

It’s constantly being updated and will make it very easy to get numbers and dates. ⁣

Consider it your “Training wheels“ until you’ve internalized all the textgame principles we teach you.⁣⁣
After a while, you can then get into a flow state and instantly come up with creative replies to whatever women could possibly throw at you.

Lesson 3 – Dream Dates​

🔥 Common dating traps and how to avoid them.⁣

🔥 How to schedule a date.⁣

What to do once you’ve got a woman’s phone number and are ready to ask her out.⁣

Learn exactly how to ask her out without seeming needy or desperate, while making her long for the date.⁣

🔥 How vulnerability allows you to form deeper connections with women.⁣

🔥 Tonality and subcommunications: How to create massive amounts of sexual tension with women.⁣

🔥 Enter her world: make her feel like you just “get” her.⁣

🔥 Why polarization is so powerful and how you can polarize more on your dates.⁣

🔥 How to be relaxed, dominant, and assertive with women.⁣

🔥 Understand how to be radically honest in the right way and why women will love you for it.⁣

🔥 Internalize our very successful date structure, that guarantees a second date if there’s chemistry between the two of you. ⁣

🔥 How to prepare for a home date.⁣

Key things you absolutely MUST do before having a woman over at your apartment.⁣

Most guys drop the ball here and end up paying for it when she awkwardly leaves early.⁣

🔥 How to take women home on the first date and lead it to sex.⁣

🔥 How to schedule home dates.⁣

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your house and that’s totally fine.⁣

Learn how to easily set up dates at your place and save valuable time.⁣

🔥 Understand what you must do so a woman feels totally at home when she’s at your place on the first date.⁣

If you do this, she’ll show you her true self and open up much faster than you ever thought was possible.⁣

🔥 Never be friend-zoned again.⁣

The crucial dating mistakes that guarantee she will see you as “just a friend“ and how to easily avoid them.⁣

Lesson 4 – Become a fashion god​

🔥 An explanation of all the rules and guidelines to good fashion that will maximize your sexual market value and a clear idea of what to avoid.

Learn how to dress according to your individual skin type, personality, and physique.

🔥 What contributes to your so-called “looks” and how to optimize them.

🔥 Learn your exact coloring, what fits you should look for, and get an overview of what clothes will make you look your absolute best.

🔥 What hairstyles you specifically should go for to look your absolute best.

🔥 Different types and styles of clothes are explained through 60 pages of descriptive imagery and analysis.

Always be dressed fashionable, no matter what season it is.

🔥 An in-depth briefing before your photoshoot.⁣

🔥 How to look relaxed and stay comfortable, so you’ll pose well in new pictures.⁣

🔥 Understand the core principles behind the masculine and confident vibe all women love.⁣

The Superhero Calls​

You’ll get direct, personal access to us on calls for 12 weeks.⁣

Being part of this mentoring program will make sure you’re always up-to-date with what works in the fast-changing space of online dating.⁣

We will guide you through a complete dating transformation.⁣

🔱 Get feedback on your textgame, dates, and most importantly: your mindsets. ⁣

🔱 Get years worth of experience and instincts “downloaded” into your brain.⁣

🔱 There will be several other Dating Superheroes on our calls – no worries, this motivated group will be kept small and tight. ⁣

This guarantees that everyone gets the time they need, so we can dive deep into the root problem of their questions.⁣

🔱 Doing this in a small group is ideal because it allows you to speed up your learning curve, by learning from other guys’ situations.⁣

🔱 Learn how to turn your phone into an automatic date generating machine⁣

🔱 Associate with high value, like-minded guys⁣

🔱 You will learn from each other while getting enough 1on1 time to get all the personal advice you need.⁣

The Online Dating Superheroes Group​

This is an additional place to get daily and instant feedback on your profile, questions, and screenshots from us.⁣

🌹 Lifetime access to a secret, highly active, private group of like-minded Dating Superheroes.⁣

🌹 Get feedback from your coaches Sandric and Kevin.⁣

🌹 Kevin frequently posts audio recordings of his dates and conversation breakdowns there. ⁣

🌹 You will still have access to the group after you graduate from the program.⁣

🌹 Get advice from like-minded guys.⁣

🌹 Feedback on all your screenshots and questions.⁣

🌹 Accountability and motivation.⁣

🌹 Meet up with other Dating Superheroes close to you.⁣

🌹 Get inspired and share successes.⁣

🌹 Stay up to date with recent changes in dating apps.⁣

🌹 Create lifelong friendships.⁣

Texting Immersion Telegram group

In this real-time chat, you can send us Screenshots of texts from women you’re struggling with.

When you get stuck, we not only tell you what to text but also break down what’s going on in each of your interactions.

We fully guide you to coming up with your own replies by reminding you of the crucial principles of texting.

”With great power, comes great responsibility…” Peter Parker knows this, and we at Dating Superhero Transformation know this too. Hence, we only work with men who promise to respect women and give them as much value as possible.

Is our mentoring program the right thing for you?

The Dating Superhero Transformation is suitable for you if ...

The Dating Superhero Transformation is not the right thing for you if …

If you identify with the green checkmarks, let’s get you rock-solid results and make 2024 your year. 🔥

Also, a lot of men have asked for my opinion on getting mentorship in terms of dating…

So let me share it with you as well.

Unless you want to end up alone in life or even worse, spend decades with someone whom you aren’t attracted to you need to figure out dating.

And this is true no matter how good looking you are or how much money you make, no matter how famous you are or how high your status is.

(Just think of the recent celebrity scandals of Johnny Depp and Will Smith).

As I see it, you have 2 options as a man in 2024 when it comes to your dating life:

Option A:

You try to get good at dating by yourself, through trial and error.

Basically, this was me at the beginning…

I wasted years of my life trying to figure it out on my own.

Surprisingly, I had to go through hell.

Thousands of rejections, even more embarrassing experiences (e.g. women thinking that I’m a stalker, getting kicked out of nightclubs, etc.)…

It was tough, and I don’t want any man to go through what I had to.

And it’s not only me…

To give you a hint, out of the hundreds of guys whom I’ve seen to achieve massive success in their dating lives…

Probably 1 or 2 got there by themselves.

This is significantly less than 1%.

I mean, to give you a hint of how shockingly small that number is, think about if you’d start a business in which you have 1% chance of making a profit…

Or if you’d learn a sport if you only had 1% chance to enjoy it?

You probably wouldn’t.

And you’re taking the same risk in your dating life if you aren’t going on 3-4 dates/week with the women that you truly desire already.

Now, most people believe that health, finances, and relationships are the 3 most important areas in life.

Do you really want to leave one of them to chance?

Personally, I wouldn’t, this is why I always recommend Option B.

Option B:

You can shorten the learning curve by decades, save yourself thousands of dollars thrown out on dates gone wrong or mentoring programs that get you no results…

And take advantage of the expertise of someone who has already paved the way for you.

To give you more context…

Imagine having the women who are exactly your type only a swipe away, knowing what exactly to text her once she responded and how to specifically get her on a date in the nearest bar or even at your place…

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Again, getting here on your own would probably take you decades but it’s even more likely that you wouldn’t succeed.

However, by investing in the right mentoring program, this is only weeks away from you.

To sum up, you can take a shortcut.

But let me emphasize, only if you invest in the right mentors.

Now, I’m not saying that Dating Superhero Transformation is the only great dating program out there, but…

As far as I know, we are the only ones who have a 100% success rate.

Let’s take a look at my favorite analogy again:

Anyone can get lucky and catch the goldfish every once in a while.

But only a good fisherman can consistently get abundance of fish.

And if you don’t want to be the fisherman who’s still wondering why he can’t catch a single fish after years of figuring it out, then most likely you’ll go to someone who can teach you how to fish.

And you don’t just go to anyone… But to that person who can teach how to catch the fish that you truly want.

Or you can take the personal trainer example.

There are two ways how you can get into shape:

Choice A:

Try it out on your own and spend years not gaining/losing any weight.

(Hint: You might even put your health at risk.)

Choice B:

Get a personal trainer who “has been there ‘n done that”, and who shows you specifically how to get your dream physique.

This is what Dating Superhero Transformation will do to your dating life.

Or let me give you one last example…

Some men do not want to get help with their dating lives because they were born men.

This is one of the worst reasons that I’ve ever heard, and I’ll show you why:

Think of a therapist or a psychologist.

If they are in trouble, they need to get help too because they cannot cure themselves.

Regardless of the fact that they are a therapist or psychologist.

And the same thing should go for men who don’t have the exact dating life that they want.

So the only question that I have in the end is this…

Why is it that so many men still don’t get help with their dating life…?

Wanna see more results of our superhero students?

Get ready to receive the last dating program you’ll ever need.

Here’s the thing, I sincerely believe that if you join Dating Superhero Transformation, it will be the last dating coaching program that you’ll ever need to do.

Every man wants to know how to consistently and easily get dates with attractive women straight to the house or the nearest bar.

It’s evolutionary.

However, I don’t want to give my secrets away to people who will misuse them.

If you have bad intentions, you will be denied.

I’m looking for good men who will use this information to improve their lives and give infinite value to the women they date.

We don’t like to quote Thanos that much since we stand with the heroes, but he’s right when he said that the hardest choices required the strongest wills. Investing in your dating life is not easy, but if you put that on scale with years of struggling like what I had to go through… You can perhaps take the leap of faith easier.


Frequently Asked Questions


In case you would like to see more proof than what you can find on this page, check out the Hall of Fame.

It will show you the kind of matches our students are getting.

Also, I believe that dating apps are not only a good way to meet women…

They are the BEST way through which you can meet jaw-dropping women in 2024.

(more in the next answer why)

Consider this…

You can go out and spend 7 nights/week in nightclubs like I did…

Or you can waste hours upon hours on approaching women in the streets…

(And we haven’t even considered the thousands of dollars you spend on “bootcamps” and “immersion programs” where they teach you how to do “daygame” and “nightgame”.)

Or you can have a dating profile that’s bringing you the women that you are naturally attracted to on autopilot…

Meaning that you don’t need to change your lifestyle to get good results in dating, but focus on your dating life when you have the time and energy for it.

Yes, there is!

We are serious about getting you results and we are happy only when our students are happy!

Also, I think it is only fair if we have our skin in the game as well.

Therefore, you have our massive 100% Success Guarantee.

In other words, this means that if you don’t get results within 60 days after we set up your profile, we continue working with you for free until you start matching with the exact women you want to have in your life.

At Dating Superhero Transformation, we have a 100% success rate with the people who put into practice what we tell them to do AND are using their dating profiles for the right purpose.

(Giving value to women instead of playing with them or exploiting them.)

Here’s why…

First, my methodology for creating your dating profile (pictures, bio, attraction triggers, etc.) has proven to be effective for hundreds of men from all walks of life.

There hasn’t been a single one of them whose profile I retouched and the quality/quantity of their matches did not increase significantly.

Second, I approach the whole program considering your lifestyle, ethnicity and personality.

Every person has their own story, struggles, personality, upbringing, and of course, ethnic identity.

You can buy a suit at a clothing store like Zara and it will look 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱.

But if you bring it to the tailor and let him adjust it to your physique it will look 𝗮𝗯𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗹𝘆 𝗮𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗻𝗴.

This is the same for online dating…

And this is how you can imagine what it is like to work with me.

And third, all other aspects of the program (texting, fashion, dating advice, etc.) are built on skills that any man can learn, no matter how tall, wealthy, or attractive he is.


Above on this page and on the testimonial page you can see quite a few case studies from our students…

Some of them have better looks, others weren’t born models.

But there is one thing in common in all of them: they all got the exact dating life that they’ve always wanted.

Even if you don’t have the looks of Brad Pitt, I will create a dating profile for you that will portray you in an attractive way, fully authentically.

By this I mean that your profile will bring you the matches that you want without setting misaligned expectations.

The women you match with will be excited to meet you – and they will remain excited after they see you in person.

I’ll be honest, with the right guidance all men can master texting.

However, even with our help, for most of them, it takes a couple of months until they get to the point where they know what specifically to text their matches.

This is why I created the Texting Immersion Telegram Group for our students.

We will get you your first three dates by telling you what specifically to text to your matches.

After that, my coaches and I will keep giving you advice on how to start, respond to conversations, and how to ask out the women that you are matching with.

To give you a hint of how effective the Texting Immersion Telegram Group is…

Within the first 24 hours when we tested it out, even those of our students who were not so good at texting achieved breakthroughs.

To give you a taste through the fisherman analogy…

For as long as you need it (usually for the first 3 dates), we will hold the fishing rod for you.

As you grow more confident, we will step away and only give you advice by sitting beside you in the boat.

Now that you spent more time reading than for how long Captain America was frozen in ice, I have one last thing to say: “Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with” - Tony Stark. You have the option to take control over your dating life today. But you need to take the step and schedule your free profile audit to take things from there.