Charm her like Tony Stark

⁣In this last but very important step you’re going to get personal 1on1 coaching in the areas of mindset, texting, style and behavior on dates.

This will ensure that you won’t only match with gorgeous women but they will also turn out into very successful dates if there’s chemistry between you and them.

However, the focus will be on straight to home dates to save you the most valuable thing we possess: time.

You’re going to be taught everything you need to know when it comes to Online Dating and beyond.

It’s structured in a way so you can make the best progress in the shortest amount of time and includes exercises that help you internalize the information quickly and much better.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into everything you’re going to learn, shall we?

Lesson 1 – The Celebrity Mindset

🔥 Develop the right Mindset needed to become successful with women.

🔥 Learn the difference between a scarcity and abundance mindset.

🔥 Understand a woman’s psychological triggers and create win-win situations for the both of you.

🔥 How to embrace pain and failure and use it to your advantage.

🔥 What are frames and which one to use depending on the situation at hand.

🔥 How to deal with setbacks, uncertainty and anxiety to always come out stronger.

🔥 How to get rid of performance anxiety in bed forever.

🔥 How to master and control your emotions in challenging situations.

🔥 How to detect and stop self-sabotaging.

Lesson 2 – Breathtaking Conversations

🔥 Become a master at texting women, all while being honest, authentic and yourself.

🔥 How to come up with your own individual openers that make her excited to start talking to you.

🔥 Our proven formula to create unique openers, even when her profile is boring AF.

🔥 A video breakdown of Fabian applying our opener formula LIVE on woman after woman, getting over 85% response rates.

🔥 A complete walkthrough of several successful conversations from opening to close.

Explaining the thought process behind every single message with real screenshots from different dating apps.

🔥 Learning exercises to get a deep understanding of what’s important in a great message and how to come up with amazing replies on your own.

🔥 How to identify which women are available and never be stuck with time wasters or flakes again.

🔥 How to create a fun and flirty vibe with any conversation.

🔥 How to spot the perfect moment to get her number.

🔥 Why you should stop asking for her number and what to do instead.

🔥 Multiple messages to regain her attention at any time.

🔥 How to always keep women replying and never worry about being ghosted again.

🔥 How to handle shit tests and flip them so women become even more attracted to you.

🔥 How to deal with a woman’s objections and show her that you fully understand her.

🔥 Discover what sexualizing is about (it’s NOT about turning her on!)

🔥 How to sexualize a conversation in every possible scenario.

🔥 What to do to get women chasing you like crazy before you even meet.

🔥 How to keep conversations alive when a woman acts rude or “too cool“ to talk to you.

If you behave like this, she’ll lower her defenses and show you a side of herself which most men on Online Dating apps will never see.

🔥 The Dating Superhero system

A revolutionary system where for every line there are usually 2-3 possible replies women give and we have perfect lines for each one of those replies.

This pattern continues until the date has been scheduled.

It’s constantly being updated and will make it very easy to get numbers and dates.

Consider it your “Training wheels“ until you’ve internalized all the Textgame principles we teach you.

After a while you can then get into a flow state and instantly come up with creative replies to whatever women could possibly throw at you.

🔥 Real time messaging group

In this real time chat you can send us Screenshots of texts from women you’re struggling with.

Not only do we tell you what we would text if you get stuck, but my coaches and I also breakdown what’s going on in each of your interactions.

We fully guide you to coming up with your own replies through making you aware of crucial principles.

Lesson 3 – Dream Dates

🔥 Common dating traps and how to avoid them.

🔥 How to schedule a date.

What to do once you’ve got a woman’s phone number and are ready to ask her out.

Learn exactly how to ask her out without seeming needy or desperate, while making her long for the date.

🔥 How vulnerability allows you to form deeper connections with women.

🔥 Tonality and subcommunications: How to create massive amounts of sexual tension with women.

🔥 Enter her world: make her feel like you just “get” her.

🔥 Why polarization is so powerful and how you can polarize more on your dates.

🔥 How to be relaxed, dominant and assertive with women.

🔥 Understand how to be radically honest in the right way and why women will love you for it.

🔥 Internalize our very successful date structure, that guarantees a second date if there’s chemistry between the two of you.

🔥 How to prepare for a home date.

Key things you absolutely MUST do before having a woman over at your apartment.

Most guys drop the ball here and end up paying for it when she awkwardly leaves early.

🔥 How to take women home on the first date and lead it to sex.

🔥 How to schedule home dates.

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave your house and that’s totally fine.

Learn how to easily set up dates at your place and save valuable time.

🔥 Understand what you must do so a woman feels totally at home when she’s at your place on the first date.

If you do this, she’ll show you her true self and open up much faster than you ever thought was possible.

🔥 Never be friendzoned again.

The crucial dating mistakes that guarantee she will see you as “just a friend“ and how to easily avoid them.

Lesson 4 – Become a fashion god

🔥 An explanation of all the rules and guidelines to good fashion that will maximise your sexual market value and a clear idea of what to avoid.

Learn how to dress according to your individual skin type, personality and physique.

🔥 What contributes to your so-called “looks” and how to optimize them.

🔥 Learn your exact colouring, what fits you should look for, and get am overview what clothes will make you look your absolute best.

🔥 What hairstyles you specifically should go for to look your absolute best.

🔥 Different types and styles of clothes explained through 60 pages of descriptive imagery and analysis.

Always be dressed fashionable, no matter what season it is.