Men, let's be honest ... Do looks matter? (featured on the most popular online Dating Blog) 🧬

After seeing many people blame their lack of results in Online Dating on their circumstances, ethnicity or looks multiple times, I’ve decided to create this post.⁣
Online Dating is an art in itself, but once mastered, totally worth it.⁣
Yes looks do matter, a lot and I’m not even going to deny that. ⁣
Also good (or even average) looking white guys have an edge, but that shouldn’t be an excuse.⁣
Others just have it harder and need to put in more work to get any desirable results.⁣
At the end it’s all based on psychological principles and you gotta learn how to make women feel emotions with your profile (and over text).⁣
I’ve been told many times that as a black dude in a white country like Germany ( one of the hardest places for Online Dating) I would never get any success, but I didn’t want to accept that.⁣
it’s still very racist and judgemental here and you wouldn’t believe the things that happen to me on a weekly basis. ⁣
However, change what you can, accept what you can’t, but never let external factors be an excuse.⁣
Before I hear the common phrase: “But for you it’s easy to say, you’re good looking“.. ⁣
I’m not genetically gifted in any way, I work out extremely hard in the gym 6 times per week for 2-3 hours.⁣
Leaving my personal journey here as a motivation for guys who think they can’t get results because of how they look:⁣

„If you can’t change the cards you’re dealt with, change how you play your hand.“ 🃏

Also here’s an article I wrote for the most popular Blog about Online Dating, to help avoid some of the biggest mistakes you could make on your profile:

Now I don’t want to hear any excuses anymore.

⁣Go become the best version of yourself and build the most attractive Online Dating Profile mankind has ever seen! 😉