The Online Dating
Superheroes Group​

This is an additional place to get daily and instant feedback on your profile, questions and screenshots from us.

🌹 Lifetime access to a secret, highly active, private group of likeminded Dating Superheroes.

🌹 Get feedback from your coaches Sandric, Fabian and Lilli.

🌹 Fabian frequently posts audio recordings of his dates and conversation breakdowns in there.

🌹 Receive a female perspective on your questions and conversations from our coach Lilli.

🌹 You will still have access to the group after you graduate the program.

🌹 Get advice from like-minded guys.

🌹 Feedback on all your screenshots and questions.

🌹 Accountability and motivation.

🌹 Meet up with other Dating Superheroes close to you.

🌹 Get inspired and share successes.

🌹 Stay up to date with recent changes on dating apps.

🌹 Create lifelong friendships.