The importance of abundance with women đź‘‘

No woman wants to be the 20th woman you sent that copy and paste message to on a dating app.

No woman wants to be the 10th woman you chatted up in a bar.

No woman wants you to want a relationship with her because she’s the first decent option you’ve had this year.

All women want to be chosen by a confident man, for who they are as a person.

I call this the Cinderella Principle.

Think of Prince Charming at the ball – he could have anyone, but he chooses Cinderella as she stands out to him.

When you fulfil this narrative with women it’s deeply validating.

When you don’t show intention and choosing it’s the quickest way to lose her attraction.

Thats why I recommend every single one of my students not to get into a relationship with the first woman they meet even if she’s absolutely amazing.

Once they’ve got enough options and know exactly what they want in a woman, they can choose which of the women they’re dating they want to get into a relationship with.

Not only does it make them more attractive because women can sense that they have options. But the woman they ultimately choose will also feel like their queen, So much more special and appreciated.

Simply because she wasn’t just the first and only option they had but she was chosen because of her awesome personality and stood out among many others.

Another side effect is that once you build abundance with women from Online Dating it doesn’t just stop there.

You’ll radiate a completely different vibe and energy that women you see in your daily life will feel and be attracted to.

You’ll go through life as a more confident men who knows his worth and that he’s attractive to the opposite sex.

Imagine you had 3 Dates lined up this week with exactly your type of woman, do you think you’d care if a woman you see and want to talk to “rejects you“?

No you wouldn’t. You would be carefree and think to yourself “If this doesn’t work, shit happens“ I have multiple dates this week with women who are on her level.

So remember, build abundance for yourself and afterwards if it’s your goal, choose a woman as your girlfriend/wife.



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