Pickup coaches will hate this – Discover the reason why Online Dating is superior to meeting women in real life 💥⁣

It’s time to touch on a topic that’s being discussed quite often.

And that topic is Online Dating vs meeting women in real life.

I can already hear you asking:

„Why should I use Online Dating instead of just approaching women in real life?“ 🤔

I absolutely get where you’re coming from.

And I’ll tell you my opinion on why I personally think that Online Dating is superior in many regards.

Let’s look at this logically.

What is the most valuable thing we humans possess?

Exactly, it’s time. ⏰

Time is priceless, therefore you need to consider wisely what to spend it on.

You need a system for your dating life that allows you to save as much time as possible.

Online Dating is the only way to do that.

Like a wise man once said

„Time is money“ – Scrooge McDuck 💰

There are two options:

You can spend your time running from one woman to another in real life, until you’ve finally found one that is single, interested and that you have chemistry with.

But I’m telling you, especially in a Covid-19 situation it’s really no fun to flirt with social distancing and masks on during daytime.

Unfortunately night time also completely falls apart. 🍹

If you’re lucky and discover some bars or clubs which are open, they’re usually extremely restricted.

The second and in my opinion much better option is Online Dating.

You can match and set up dates with the most attractive women, all while in the comfort of your home. 🛋

Knowing that every woman you matched with is single and attracted to you and spending barely any time compared to if u had to go out to search for women.

The choice is yours, I’ve already made mine and found my amazing girlfriend thanks to it.

Hint: It’s wasn’t spending all my precious time, basically playing the lottery, trying to find a woman that meets my standards.

Time that I could Invest in much better things, like my passions, meeting friends, or trying out new things.

The internet allows you to “reach” an enormous audience.

Your profile can be seen by thousands of women at the same time!

So if you’re not taking advantage of Online Dating, you’re limiting yourself.

You can’t compare the power of meeting women on dating apps with awkwardly saying „hello“ to one person at a time at a bar, club or during daytime.

For most men, online dating doesn’t really work because they don’t understand human psychology and their profile is either bad or average.

That’s why when you finally create an amazing, attractive and high value profile, it’s basically a game changer.

I’m telling you from my own and my clients experience, it feels like you’ve been running around blindfolded and can finally see the light.

Your profile will stand out from the crowd of average men and you’ll be able to attract the most beautiful women into your life.

A killer profile can and will do the heavy lifting for you.

Women are going to message you first, invest more into the conversation and even ask you out on a date.

Let me tell you why you’re reading this article right now.

You’re reading it because you know something.

Deep down inside, you know that you should be getting the success in Online Dating that you deserve but aren’t getting.

That feeling is driving you mad and it’s exactly that feeling which brought you to me.

How I see it there’s two pills you can swallow now:

🔵 You take the blue pill and go back to your old life. You continue to complain about not being genetically gifted, that Online Dating only works for „good looking guys“ and do nothing.

🔴 You take the red pill and ignore all those excuses in your mind. You make the best of the situation you’re in and I show you how to build a killer profile, that stands out from the competition & will change your Dating life forever.

Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.



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