Video Breakdown – How to crush your limiting beliefs as a man who’s struggling with Online Dating 💪🏽

Today I have something very special which I think will help many of you guys.

I teamed up with my boy Alex who is Asian, a minority just like me and also a Dating Coach.

Together we demystified the biggest common limiting beliefs that men have.

Those are some of the beliefs we talked about:

– Does your race hold you back from having success in Online Dating and is it easier if you’re white?

– Do you need to look like a Model to date attractive women from dating apps?

– How important is the right presentation when it comes to your profile?

– Do you need to be ripped and have a Six pack to be successful in Online Dating?

– Do most women really only care about money?

– How should a great profile that attracts gorgeous women be structured?

Many people told me I’m crazy for giving this away freely, because it’s extremely valuable.

However, I wanted to make this available for free as it can really change the way you view certain things if you’re open minded.

Also I wish I would’ve had someone to tell me these things back when I still struggled with women.

So make sure to listen very closely and it will definitely give you more than one of those “A-ha-Wow“ moments.



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