Are you a serial killer? 👀

Men often ask me whether they should look away from the camera or stare into it on their online dating pictures.

In my opinion that actually depends:

● If you look away from the camera into the distance, I would recommend to put on your best, focused James bond „Man on a mission“ expression.

● If you look into the camera, give it a warm, nice, inviting smile.

This will definitely lead to you coming across more approachable, happy and friendly.

Just make sure you’re not putting on a creepy „Joe“ smile, unless the women you’re into are similar to „Love“.

But if that’s the case, I’m pretty certain that you have some bigger issues than just a lack of likes and matches. 😂

If you watched the TV Show „You“ you’ll get the reference.

If you haven’t, go watch it now.

I mean it, it’s damn great.

Now back to the topic. What you shouldn’t do in most cases, is smile when you’re looking away from the camera.

To women this comes across as if you’re smiling at or flirting with someone else.

Also it’s much less personal.

You always want to pay attention to the impression the viewer, in this case the woman, gets when she looks at your picture.

Additionally, it’s very important what kind of emotions you convey.

You should definitely stay away from negative emotions. Just keep the vibe of your photos positive and masculine.



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