Why did I choose to be in a relationship
as an Online Dating Coach ❤️

Sandric Lili
I know, for many men it’s quite crazy to discover an Online Dating Coach who’s not spending his entire time finding and dating new women. ⁣
To be honest, this might lead to some people not wanting to work with me because I’m not constantly applying what I teach anymore, but that’s totally fine. ⁣
For a long time I thought I knew what abundance meant.⁣
I dated a ton of amazing women, had the craziest adventures that most men can only dream of and it felt great for a while. ⁣
However, I was never able to really go deeper with any of them. ⁣
I would stop myself from feeling but call it abundance, something didn’t feel right.⁣
I always thought this was what I really desired.. ⁣
Until I met my soulmate who I wanted to be in a relationship with. ⁣
Spending time with her made me realize that what I thought I wanted was just an illusion created through various external influences. ⁣
But even when I met her I still doubted the idea of a committed relationship for quite some time, because it would “ruin my abundance“ and “idea of freedom“. ⁣
So there I was, having spent my entire life working on improving myself and developing this skill set to be happy and free, just to be held back by it now.⁣
I stopped myself, looked in the mirror, meditated on it and came to the conclusion that in order to be truly free, I couldn’t make my decisions based on keeping some “identity“ or “image“ alive. ⁣
Instead, I had to do what I actually wanted and made me happy.⁣
Nowadays I know that abundance is what you make of it. ⁣
It’s something highly individual and different for every person. ⁣
It could be having an amazing girlfriend that you love to spend every single second of your valuable time with. ⁣
But it could also be to enjoy your single life, dating multiple women and creating win-win situations for the both of you.⁣
Never be confined to a box or let other people’s perceptions limit you. ⁣
Live your life on your own terms and stay true to your values.⁣

Cheers, ⁣

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