To smile or not to smile, that's the question 🎭⁣

Many men don’t smile on pictures because they think it’s a sign of weakness or turns you into a „beta“.⁣

Actually, the opposite is true. ⁣
Smiling makes you more approachable, shows that you’re happy and enjoy your life.⁣
If you’re looking at the camera I recommend you to smile, because you’re making eye contact with the women seeing your picture.⁣
If you go for a big smile with your teeth showing, you look more:⁣
● Competent⁣
● Friendly⁣
● Influential⁣
So a healthy smile that shows your teeth is usually better than smiling with your lips pursed.⁣
Of course it’s also important „how“ you smile.⁣
If you’re just forcing the smile, everyone is going to notice that. ⁣
Make sure to really be in a happy mood when you take the picture and that your smile looks very natural. ⁣
You can achieve that, by for example cracking jokes with your photographer, or watching your favorite funny videos right before the shoot.

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