Introducing the unique real first date experience đŸ”„

We are constantly improving our Mentoring program and very excited to tell you that you now get the chance to have a real first date experience.

🧡 improve your dating skills while being in a controlled environment.

🧡 practice flirting and leading a conversation.

🧡 get constructive feedback, so that you can master every first date you’ll have.

So how does this work?

You’ll meet online with our new Assistant Coach Lilli.

Together you’re going to talk about your goals and your motivation about the date.

Then of course you’ll have the date, everything will be really chill and fun.

You guys will just spend some nice time with each other.

Don’t get me wrong though.

It’s going to be work too, not always rainbows and butterflies.

There will be feedback as well as an evaluation on whether you reached your goals and how you came across overall.

But don’t worry! Lilli is really nice and you won’t feel bad in her company.

Now I can already hear you asking:

“But Sandric, aren’t you always preaching that you shouldn’t ask women when it comes to Dating?“

Yes, you’re right my aspiring Dating Superhero.

But as with everything in life there are always exceptions.

Usually I wouldn’t recommend asking women for feedback on anything related to dating, because you’ll get a rational reply to an emotional situation and I still stand by that.

However, Lilli is very self aware and knows all about our Dating Superhero Transformation Mentoring and the values that we teach our students.

This allows her to give you valuable feedback which will have a huge impact on the results and outcome of your actual “Real“ dates.


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