Guys... A great physique or a shiny new car won't get you more matches with women in Online Dating ❌

I see this situation all the time, a man wants to get better results in Online Dating and thinks that he’ll get them by achieving some other external things he doesn’t have yet.

What I’m referring to here is the Illusion of:

“Once I have X, I’ll be successful with women in Online Dating“

And you can basically insert anything in place of the X.

Sometimes it’s just something small like a new pair of shoes or a new fragrance.

However in most cases it’s either money, a shiny new car, or a great physique.

Let me explain to you why this thought is complete bullshit.

We’ll use the most common example among men which is:

“Once I’ve developed a great physique, I’ll be successful with women in Online Dating“

This is the completely wrong approach, because you’re tying your success to something external.

Once you’ll have your dream physique, your mindset won’t suddenly become one of a high value man.

You also won’t magically understand how to present yourself in the right way, how to text women and how to behave on dates.

However what will happen is yes, you’re going to attract certain women even while having no clue about Online Dating.

But those women will most likely be low-quality superficial ones who don’t care about your personality or just look for a quick encounter.

I think everyone will agree with me, when I say that being valued for your personality is waaay better than being treated like just an object (same goes for women here as well 😉).

Personally, I’ve been at the point where women just wanted to have sex with me because they loved my looks, but weren’t really interested in my personality.

And while it might sound good on the surface, it definitely feels horrible emotionally to be seen as a “piece of meat“ or “toy“.

Therefore you should never rely on external things and tie them to your success.

Now I’m going to reveal the key factor on how to get abundance with women in Online Dating: it’s HARD WORK.

There’s simply no way around it, because nothing worth having in life comes easy.

In my opinion you’ve got two options:

  1. Spend a lot of time figuring out how to attract and date gorgeous women through Dating apps on your own.
  2. Work closely together with a mentor who can:

🔥 Analyze your situation.

🔥 Create an attractive, high value profile for you.

🔥 Tell you what exactly you’re doing wrong & how to fix it at every step of the way.

🔥 Teach you how to text in an honest and authentic way without relying on copy paste lines.

🔥 Explain to you how to develop the magnetic Mindset that attractive men who are good with women embody.

🔥 Make you a part of his very selected Superhero family so you can connect with other ambitious, action taking men.

All of this will lead to skyrocketing your results in much less time than you could even imagine in your wildest dreams.

Now I’m aware that there are many men who want to become successful in Online Dating, yet they might have never worked with a Coach before so they give in to the fear of uncertainty.

And I also completely understand them.

I still remember myself years ago waiting WAY TOO LONG to hire someone because I thought I could “do it on my own“. Dumb.

Yes, of course I can do it on my own through trial and error and I actually did.

It just took 10x longer and even then there were still things I didn’t fully understand.

Looking back I really wished I had decided to hire someone much earlier.

It could’ve saved me from all those years of frustration, struggle and pain.

Plus in the time it took me to become a master at Online Dating on my own…

…I could’ve already enjoyed an abundant dating life.

On that note, we’ve got one spot open for our life changing Mentoring Program.

Now the choice is yours.

If you choose the 2nd option you know where to apply for it:


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