Why you should stop whining about the injustice between men and women in Online Dating 💃🏼

I continously keep hearing men complain about how unfair it is that women have a big advantage in dating, so I wanted to touch on an important topic. ⁣

That is: “The differences between men and women“ when it comes to Dating in general. ⁣

Men often think that women have it waaay easier, because they’re being approached by men and don’t have to do anything themselves.⁣

On top of that they’re getting so many matches on Online Dating apps, even if they’re just using selfies.⁣

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact I would even say that women have it harder than men when it comes to dating.⁣

Let me explain why:⁣

Imagine you have to be afraid of being judged by society, being seen as “easy“ or a “male slut“ when you want to talk to a woman that you find attractive. ⁣

Welcome to a woman’s reality. ⁣

If a woman wants to approach a man, chances are she’ll be seen by him as desperate, easy or a slut, because she’s taking the first step. ⁣

C’mon, stone age is long over guys.. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Most men that approach women are either not the woman’s type physically, or they’re simply boring, creepy or desperate. ⁣

How much does it suck to always have to rely on luck or fate that an attractive man with a cool personality approaches you?⁣

Me personally, I am happy that I’m not being forced to fulfill this passive role, like women are.⁣

Same thing applies to Tinder or other Online Dating apps. ⁣

It’s no secret that women are getting tons of matches, but most of them are either uncreative, boring, creepy, horny or desperate dudes.

It’s almost like a full-time job to filter out that one guy who isn’t just attractive but also interesting to talk to.

What’s it worth to have an abundance of matches if the majority can just be kicked into a trash bin? 🗑️

After a while this turns into a very frustrating situation.

When you finally match with a guy who’s exactly your type.. It turns out that he’s creepy or a sleeping pill. 😴

So if you want to complain, you’ll always find a reason to put yourself in the victim role.

But not everything is as it seems at first glance.

I hope this little reality check could help you see both sides, and not just the “women have it soo easy in Dating“ one.

Cheers, ⁣

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