The BIG reason why you are not getting matches with women you desire 🚫

Today I wanted to talk about something that men in my opinion don’t pay enough attention to. ⁣

Even though it’s very damn important…⁣

The number of pictures you use on your Online Dating Profile.⁣

You’re probably thinking: „But the more I show her how awesome I am and what an amazing life I have, the higher the chances will be for her to match me. 🤔“ ⁣

This couldn’t be further from the truth. ⁣

Actually, the only thing you’re achieving by adding the maximum number of pictures to your profile is coming across as a tryhard. ⁣

It makes it seem like you would even add 100 pictures if it were possible.⁣

Once you matched, why not send her some childhood photo album too?⁣

Just so she can see how cute you looked in the past. 😜

To make it even worse, it increases the probability of you choosing a picture that leads to her swiping left.⁣

The pictures that we think are the best, are often one of the reasons that we’re not getting the likes and matches with the women we desire. ⁣

This is, because we aren’t able to objectively take a critical look at our own profile.⁣

We use different parts of our brain when looking at pictures of ourselves than when we’re looking at pictures of others. ⁣

Over the years I’ve found the sweetspot to be 5-6 pictures. ⁣

You don’t want to show everything about you, keep some mystery. ⁣

But at the same time show just enough for her to become curious and interested.⁣

I hope making this one change to your Online Dating Profile will increase your results. ⁣


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