Video Breakdown – Online Dating from a woman’s perspective – the results will surprise you đź’‹

I’ve got something very special for you today.

I’ve created a female Tinder account to show you guys how many likes, matches and messages an attractive woman receives.

What you’re seeing in the video and on the screenshots are the results after only 2 days.

Almost every right swipe resulted in a match.

In total I’ve matched with 270 men and there are still 3551 open Likes.

The majority of men sent me the first message.

But I didn’t receive any interesting or creative messages.

Only boring ones like „How are you?“ or compliments like „You’re so beautiful“.

So you can imagine how insane it’s going to be after a week or even a month.

That’s exactly the reason why I keep hammering home the importance of an awesome profile.

You need it to stand out from the crowd in order to get matches with attractive women.

Pretty sure you’re already aware of it, but the competition doesn’t sleep.

Due to the global pandemic that we were in, Dating apps for a long time have practically been the only/safest way to meet new people

More and more people joined daily, because they were either quarantined, bored or lonely.

So If you’re the proud owner of an amazing profile, you’re in luck.

And guys, please work on your text game!

Hope this was a valuable insight into the female perspective that you could learn a few things from.



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