How to get women to swipe you right faster than the flash can run ⚡

I see it over and over again and could literally bang my head against a wall:

Men who either use their friends, just a parent or any professional photographer they can find to take pictures of them.

Now you might think, but what’s wrong about that?

If the person has a camera that takes professional pics this should be just fine, shouldn’t it?

You couldn’t be more wrong.

There is actually a WORLD of a difference between:

  1. Being photographed by a professional photographer who’s experienced with the nuances of Online Dating. 
  2. Being photographed by someone who does photography as a hobby and simply bought a DSLR. 
  3. Being photographed by someone professional who knows how to take wedding or social media pictures, but has no idea about Online Dating.

Women don’t just look at the picture itself, they look at what’s behind it.

In other words, they pay huge attention to the nuances and sub communications.

With options 2 and 3, you won’t receive photos where the sub communications convey attractive qualities.

I assume you want to get amazing pictures that make women swipe right at the speed of light?

Well, then a specific photographer who knows what gets men matches is necessary.

Now I want to hammer home the importance of three different factors when it comes to great pictures for Online Dating:

– Why the location of a picture must fit the background⁣

– Why you need to get facial expressions right

– Why do your facial muscles need to be relaxed during a shoot

I’ll do this based on examples from a student of mine.

At first he had a photoshoot with a random professional photographer he found somewhere Online.

Unfortunately the photographer had no idea about Online Dating.

And my student didn’t really pay attention to the location, posing or expressions.

Furthermore his face was way too tense.

The results were quite obvious.

His pictures seemed extremely posed and inauthentic.

After seeing them I briefed him about all the factors we needed to fix.

Then he went out on another shoot, with a professional photographer that I selected.

He showed the photographer perfect examples that I gave him, so that both were on the same page.

This time he paid attention to everything:

– Made sure that the background was authentic with the outfit.

– Followed my advice about posing and expressions.

– Meditated beforehand, grounded himself to relax his facial muscles and made sure he was completely present.

You can see it for yourself.

The impression those pictures give off is quite insane.

Especially for Online Dating this makes a night and day difference!

Of course my magic retouching skills also played a role here. 😉

However, the key factors of a good photo were already given.

Now if I simply retouched a bad or mediocre picture, I could’ve made it look good.

But if I retouch a picture that’s already good or great, I can make it look jaw dropping amazing.

In a way that women seeing your pictures are going to think:

“Wow, WHO is this man?! I absolutely NEED to meet him!“

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