Discover the cold hard truth: Do looks matter in (Online)Dating? 🤔

I wanted to touch on this is very interesting question, because opinions on this topic couldn’t be more different.

Recently I’ve witnessed a lot of men trying to replicate tryhard, bad looking photos or copy paste certain “magic“ messages because they saw them work well for other guys…

Afterwards they became frustrated and wondered why they weren’t working for them.

Here’s the cold hard truth almost no (Online) Dating Coach is willing to admit:

Something called “The Halo Effect“

In the simplest terms, if we believe a person is very attractive, we’ll think whatever they do is great and attractive as well (even if it’s not).

A great example can be seen in a very famous fitness coach I don’t want to mention here.

He recommends people to eat all kinds of bullshit and even say that fruits like bananas are unhealthy.

So many people believe him because of how handsome he looks, which I think is crazy.

If you’re genetically gifted, Caucasian, have a superior facial bone structure, could literally win a Mr. Handsome contest and fit societies beauty standards….

There’s very few things that wouldn’t get you results Online or in person.

Hell, if you’re in this category of guys, you could use a toilet selfie and would still get likes and matches from women, even though you would obviously be way below your full potential.

So it’s less about the “lines“ or pictures working for those guys and more about their perceived high value/attractiveness due to their appearance and the image they portray to women being ripped, having a great jawline, tattoos, good sense of fashion, etc.

I have very attractive white friends who get away with all kinds of cringey, desperate or boring bs because women just look past all that if you’re at a certain point of attractiveness.

Even if they find it cringe they’ll laugh at a message you’d be unmatched or reported for if it comes from that type of guy, because they want him to like them back.

The attached picture pretty much describes the situation of what the Halo effect is.

Those guys are on the right, but if they were on the left they would have to put in 10 times more work to be perceived equally as attractive and fir their actions to have the same effect.

The profiles I see from this kind of guys are maybe 20-30% complete and wouldn’t get any results if another less attractive guy had a similar one.

By no means I want to bring them down as apart from being genetically gifted they very likely invested a lot of time into looking like they do by going to the gym, learning about style and developing their personality.

However I’m just explaining this so you guys don’t start to wonder why something that works for others gets you no results, ignored or even unmatched by women.

I know too many guys (and used to be one of them) who would take it personally, let it affect their self esteem and make them think something is wrong with them.

They’ll look for the problem internally, instead of the fact they just copy pasted lines they saw someone else use.

Trying to figure out the reason for a woman’s negative reaction, resulting in a downward spiral of destructive self-talk and focusing on the wrong factor.

When in reality they just don’t look like the Tattooed Bad Boy most women are immediately attracted to (Channing Tatum, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill) or a Magazine Model (Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt).

If you’re more towards the left of this image don’t give up, you just need to put in a lot more work to get similar results.

Maybe start working out, improve your fashion, get a new haircut, grow a beard, if you wear glasses get contact lenses and everything possible to improve your appearance.

There are many things you can do to be perceived as more attractive by women, don’t rely on lines or think that with a profile full of pics that only show your appearance every woman will fall for you.

This is rarely the case and only happens if you’re the type of the broader masses for women.

If you’re not on the right you’ll need to learn how to present yourself properly as high value and attractive on pictures.

So instead of using pics that just show your looks, on top you need photos that show your passions, your lifestyle, you with friends, maybe your pet, etc.

Photos that trigger emotions in women, paint stories and make them want to be a part of your life.

Apart from this you’ll need to get your Textgame on point, because the more attractive women are the less forgiving they’ll be in conversations.

But there are so many things you can do and you have control over to improve the odds.

I hope this helps some of you guys to see that a lot about this is within your control.



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