Success Story – From lonely overthinker to Portugese Chad 😈

Gil’s profile before working with us:

He had several pictures that were hurting his results and his profile didn’t really stand out from the huge competition of men in Online Dating.
Gil’s revamped profile after our Dating Superhero Transformation:

Vibrant, attractive pictures, showing emotions, personality and an interesting lifestyle.
Today he’s swimming in matches and needed a new schedule just for women

Let me share a Testimonial from a student who I really loved working with for the following 3 reasons:

⁣⁣1. He’s an action taker who did everything we told him to do and therefore got the results he wanted. ⁣⁣He didn’t argue or make excuses and was very passionate about becoming great at Online Dating.

⁣⁣2. He was able to put his ego aside and acknowledge that he’s not as good with women as he would like to be.

⁣⁣I know society says that as a man you need to be good with women, otherwise you’re a loser or not a “real man“. ⁣⁣But in my opinion this is complete bullshit.⁣⁣

Have you ever seen a “real man“ pull out his own tooth just because he’s a “real man“ and always needs to be strong and do everything himself?⁣⁣ Probably not.⁣⁣

3. He knew how valuable a coach in any area of life can be. ⁣⁣

Also he was aware of how much time it would save him learning from someone who’s already where he wants to be and can teach him how to get there way quicker than anyone could imagine.⁣⁣

⚜️ If you want to get a great physique without having to struggle for years to figure everything out = you get a personal trainer.⁣

⚜️ If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument = you get a teacher who has mastered that instrument.

⁣⁣⚜️ If you want to build a business but have no idea about marketing = you get a business coach.⁣⁣

⚜️ If you have problems organizing your wardrobe (or your life 😜) = you watch Marie Kondo on Netflix.⁣⁣

Trying to learn all these things by yourself is silly and takes a ton of valuable time, same thing with Online Dating (took me 10 years to get the hang of it). ⁣⁣

Now I’m teaching men how to reach abundance with women within just 3 Months.⁣⁣ For people that hate math as much as I do, that’s 40 times faster. 💯⁣⁣

Anyway, when Gil came to me he wasn’t happy with his dating life at all. ⁣⁣He was shy, would always overthink conversations with women and lacked confidence.⁣⁣

Even though he’s a pretty handsome guy in real life, he had the same problem most men do.⁣⁣ He didn’t know how to portray the best version of himself on dating apps and this obviously led to bad results.⁣⁣

Of course there is more to abundance with women than having a good profile, since you also can’t build a house without walls, windows, a rooftop, etc.⁣⁣

Only once your foundation is flawless do you get the opportunity to interact with women and work on the other parts of your house.⁣⁣

You see, 99% of men have “at least“ one picture that’s demolishing their results in their profile.⁣⁣ This picture often decides whether you have the opportunity to talk to a beautiful woman or disappear into Tinder oblivion forever.⁣⁣

In most cases it’s even multiple pictures, because many men just care about coming across as invulnerable and alpha as possible.⁣⁣ Which, trust me, is exactly the opposite of what the majority of women want and can relate to.⁣⁣

Gil barely got matches with attractive women.⁣⁣ Even when the stars aligned and he got lucky to match with a woman that was exactly his type, he usually messed it up with her during the conversation that followed.⁣⁣

We had one of our dating photographers take his pictures, told him exactly what to do in front of the camera and revamped his entire profile.⁣⁣

Of course we also coached him in the areas of mindset, texting, dates and beyond.⁣⁣ You can hear it all in his testimonial and how it’s now easy for him to get dates with exactly his quality of women.⁣⁣

If you also want to have your entire dating life taken to the next level, feel free to reach out.⁣⁣ Let’s talk and see how to make it possible for you.⁣⁣



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